my secret home

a place that is mine

The rooms are mine. I have another paid account with many friends etc, but sometimes I just need to be alone. I just want to say things that only I will hear. No one else comes here. This is a completely private place where I can write my thoughts and read them back in peace as I deal with where life takes me. I have a garden I can dream in, a bedroom I can lock myself away in and cry or be happy...just 'be' in, a kitchen to spill things in, and a library to be filled with my own work and memories. I have a dungeon I can feel hurt in, and a cage of a cell I can curl up in and feel in my place. I just want one place...just for me...just me.

example entry.
Today I see myself in the bedroom, here. It is dark but for a small, faded, reddish light that reflects slightly in places on the cage bars. No one else is around and yet that is where I want to be. I find it disheartening that it is the only place I can feel any sense of security; in this cage, in this room, in my imagination.